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Our Story

People often ask me how I came up with the name Wing Dome. Well, it’s a long, epic story – one of those stories that are handed down orally from generation to generation.

I wanted to share my passion for wings. I could easily open a restaurant, but how could I make other people burn with the same passion I had for wings? And then it hit me – all I needed to do was to put the burn into them myself – literally. So I was off on a journey for the ultimate hot wing sauce.

I had been traveling to all corners of the earth, looking for just the perfect exotic and tasty spices to put on my wings; places like Castello di Neive, the Cote d’Azur, Oaxaca, the craps table at the Mirage, the jungles of Peru, Ballard… and the mountains of Tibet. There was no place I wouldn’t explore to bring my guests the flavors of the world.

Having procured all of these scintillates of the taste buds, I began my return trip home so as to mix these eleven herbs and spices into just the right formula. As I was flying into Seattle I saw what, at the time, was a structure of remarkable engineering achievement; a structure that housed men of valor, athletic men, men of courage. And this palace was even named for royalty: The Kingdome! I thought to myself, The Kingdome?! What better representation for my masterpiece of cuisine can there be than this home of aristocracy? How about the Wing Dome??!! And a name was born.